Flipped Learning – It’s NOT all about the videos.

In March this year, my Principal was unable to attend the Future Schools Conference in Sydney and sent me in her place. On his first trip to Australia, Jon Bergmann, American flipped learning pioneer and author, was presenting at this conference and I was really looking forward to it. Being an experienced flipped learning practitioner and advocate myself, I was interested to hear Jon’s perspective and build on my own ideas and those of all our teachers through the whole school program at Brighton. Jon didn’t disappoint. His presentation was excellent and I left even more inspired. Jon had many pearls of wisdom and made some great points, however, there was one point in particular that really stood out and resonated with me –

Flipped learning is NOT all about the videos

Flipped learning is all about the answer to this key question –

What is the best use of your face-to-face class time?

It is once you address this key question, that the power and potential of flipped learning becomes very clear. Flipped learning helps us as teachers to spend less class time on direct instruction and more time facilitating student-centred, personalised, challenge-based learning.

I was fortunate enough to meet Jon at the conference and we were able to discuss this further. He took interest in the Flipped Learning Program at my school and even interviewed me for his online radio show ‘The FlipSide’! You can check out the interview here – http://www.bamradionetwork.com/the-flip-side-with-jon-bergmann/2639-sharing-the-flipped-classroom-model Jon is going to visit our school later the this year and help us keep moving forward. We are very excited!

Now don’t get me wrong, whilst it is not all about the videos, the videos are an essential tool to enable the flip. Our school program has continued to progress and for the first half of the year and we have spent a lot of time on the development of our video production skills. However, now that we have our video techniques down, we can really focus in on the key question – What is the best use of your face-to-face class time? This is such an important question and the fact that all of our teachers will be working together to address it is a great thing.

Recently, I have had some fantastic opportunities to share what is happening with the Flipped Learning Program at Brighton Secondary School. I have published an article in Education Matters Magazine which you can see here – http://educationmattersmag.com.au/education-matters-secondary-may-2015-2/ and I have just returned from the national EduTECH Conference in Brisbane where I presented two breakout sessions on ‘Leading a School Through the Implementation of Flipped Classrooms’. Presenting at EduTECH was an absolutely amazing experience. It was great to be able to spread the word and inspire others and a significant opportunity for my own professional development. I’m very excited to be presenting again later this year at the Leading a Digital School Conference and Australia’s very first FlipCon which Jon Bergmann is bringing over from the U.S.

Looking forward to posting about those events soon!


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