Apple Distinguished Educator Class of 2015… Wooohooo!!! :)

I’ve kept this fairly quiet until now but guess what? Well, you’ve probably read the title… but yes, I’ve been selected to join the ADE Class of 2015! Our school has also been recognised as an Apple Distinguished School. It is very exciting.

If you are not familiar with the Apple Distinguished Educators Program, it is a global community of education leaders recognised for doing great things with Apple technology to transform teaching and learning. There are over 2000 ADEs worldwide and they work closely with Apple to lead innovation in education. Being part of the ADE community is much more than an honour — it’s an opportunity to make a difference. You can find out more here –

I have aspired to join the ADE Community since beginning at Brighton Secondary School as the Digital Learning Coordinator in 2014. The intake only occurs every two years so this was the first time I had applied. It was a pretty intensive, two-part application process.

The first part involved a written application addressing four headings:

  • How have you as an educator transformed your learning environment?
  • Illustrate how Apple technologies have helped in this transformation.
  • What successes have you seen with your learners?
  • How do you share these successes to influence the broader education community?

The second part was the most challenging (and also rewarding) part which involved producing a two-minute video that summarises the story told in the written application. Planning the video, capturing the footage, editing, keeping it to two minutes and fitting everything in was a huge task. It was a great experience though and I was really happy with the final product. Here it is:

The first part of my ADE journey begins later this year in Singapore at the Asia-Pacific ADE Institute, a four day professional learning/networking event for the class of 2015. I have heard amazing things about the Institute and I’m really looking forward to what I’m sure we be an incredible experience with some incredible people. Looking forward to telling that story in a future post!

I would encourage anyone reading this who uses Apple technology to transform their teaching and learning to start thinking about applying. The next intake won’t be until 2017, however the application process is usually consistent so you could start thinking about your application and video now and make sure you are ready. (The application period was only open for about 5-6 weeks this year!)

They probably won’t all read this post, but I’d like to acknowledge and thank all the staff and students who I have worked with along the way and who assisted in the preparation of my ADE application. I am extremely lucky to work with so many fantastic people.

PS. I’ve just returned from the annual EduTECH Conference in Brisbane where I presented the work from our school’s Flipped Classroom Program. It was brilliant and I’ll be posting about it very soon.

Have a good one 🙂


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