Mission: Whole School Flip!

So… It’s Week 5, Term 1 and I’ve been busy!

I’ve got a teacher recording studio up and running in my school. Check it out!

Brighton Secondary School Studio

I’ve been running induction sessions for interested teachers and the response has fantastic. In the induction sessions, I run through every part of the process – from setting up the cameras, to recording the lesson and then finally editing on the dedicated iMac using iMovie and Final Cut Pro.

Teachers from a wide range of curriculum areas have been having a go which has been great. Here are some pics from our sessions:

IMG_0465IMG_0472Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 8.48.08 pm

and here are some screenshots from their final products!

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 8.40.23 pmScreen Shot 2015-02-26 at 8.42.52 pm

Teacher VideosScreen Shot 2015-02-26 at 8.43.19 pm

Our students are benefiting greatly from this approach. Having access to recorded content means that they are able to learn anytime and anywhere. It also means that valuable class time has been recuperated. Teachers can put more emphasis on the application of knowledge as they don’t have to spend as much time ‘lecturing’.

Whilst our teachers are encouraged to publish their video lessons on YouTube, the commonly asked questions about the flipped classroom approach are ‘What about students who don’t have internet access at home?’ ‘How do they access these videos?’ – These are very relevant and important questions and we have developed an excellent solution at our school. We are utilising a fantastic program called ClickView. ClickView is essentially a large video database where the videos can be stored locally on our school server and easily accessed by students. Any videos created by our teachers are uploaded directly onto our school ClickView server. The best part is that because all of our students have either an iPad or a MacBook Pro, they can easily download any of their teachers video lessons and watch them offline whenever they need to.

So at Brighton it’s a case of – No home internet…? No worries!!!


It has been such great fun so far and we are only just getting started. This year, I am leading a whole school professional learning program on flipped classrooms. Teachers have formed small (3-4 people) Teacher Learning Communities (TLCs) and their goal is to produce recored lesson content and flip their classrooms. Obviously, with 103 teachers at our school the teacher recording studio is not going to be the technique of choice for everyone. As you can probably imagine, it is right down the far end in terms of complexity…

Enter MacBook Pros and iPads. All teachers have one of each and they are extremely powerful tools for producing recorded content. There are several very effective and very simple techniques we are using:


  • Keynote presentations – so easy to make, or to take preexisting presentations and record narrations to bring them to life! Export it as a Quicktime video and voilà! – you have an anytime, anywhere resource for your students.

good quicktime-logo

  • Quicktime Screen Recordings – With a screen recording, your imagination is your only limitation. With Quicktime it is SO easy to capture a recorded lesson/tutorial. Move from some notes to a diagram, to an animation, back to your notes and then finish with a video clip. If you can do it on your MacBook, you can record it!


  • iPad Apps – With these apps like Explain Everything (and the iPad camera) teachers can produce quality recorded content. It is so simple and so effective.

The key aspect to this professional learning program is TIME. We have dedicated two two-hour sessions per term and two of our four full day professional learning days (student free days). Teacher engagement has been great so far. I think all teachers are motivated by a passion to collaborate with each other and improve their pedagogy – which is exactly what our flipped classroom program is all about. I am very confident that passionate teachers coupled with time to collaborate and produce content will lead to some exciting and powerful outcomes for teaching and learning in our school.

Looking forward to updating you on how it’s going!


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