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It’s been a while since my last post. I think that is mostly due to the fact that my video lesson production is well and truly in full swing. Since setting up my home studio I have produced 14 videos and published them on my YouTube channel – I’ve been busy!

The response to this new style of video production has been amazing. Since I have started using the two-camera technique and featuring myself in the videos the views have grown faster than I have seen with any other method. I’m up to about 180 subscribers now and I’m getting lots of really positive feedback from the viewers. I love it!

Take a look at some of my latest work –

Since my last post a friend of mine, James Dundon, who teaches Biology in another school has gotten involved. He has set up his own studio and is producing some great videos. We decided it would be cool to make a site that collated all of our Biology videos and arranged them into a topic list. That way it makes it a little easier for students to locate our videos based on the topics they need help with. This led to the start of –

The Anytime Education site has been really successful so far. We are experiencing high numbers of traffic from, not just Australia, but all over the world. It’s pretty amazing when you stop and think about it. We are just two teachers making recorded lesson content for our own students, but at the same time we can help a huge audience of students around the world! We also have a Facebook page – which already has a following of almost 200 people.

The plan now is to just keep on making videos. There is a huge demand and there are lots of gaps in the topic list for us to fill!

I’m also busy setting up a studio in my school and running professional learning programs to help other teachers flip their classrooms. But that’s probably a whole new post in itself… watch this space.


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